Away from the hustle and bustle of Shibuya,
to the hideaway for adults.


"Japanese food × Teppanyaki"

Feel free to enjoy dishes using seasonal ingredients
in a calm space,together with carefully selected natural wines



Lunch time

Wagyu Beef Hamburg 200g
1,500 yen
Wagyu Beef Hamburg 350g
2,000 yen



Dinner time

Chef's Choice(reservation is unnecessary) 6,600 yen
2 kinds of appetizers, Salad, A la carte, Seafoods,
Wagyu beef red steak, Meal, Dessert
Teppan Yaki sumifuji course(reservation required) 8,800 yen
Grilled vegetables, Japanese beef red meat and sirloin steak
    • Cold dishes

      It is seasoned a little salty to suit the liquor, and you can eat various kinds.

    • Seafood salad900 yen
    • Seasonal salad800 yen
    • Appetizers
    • Plum cartilage600 yen
    • Mustard greens600 yen
    • Vinegars intestine600 yen
    • Iburigako cheese700 yen
    • Assorted pickles800 yen
    • Dishs
    • Grilled Shrimp1,400 yen
    • Scallop with Blue Lion Seaweed Source1,400 yen
    • Octopus garlic butter1,400 yen
    • Ginger-fried green pepper and squid1,400 yen
    • Sea urchin and Watercress1,800 yen
    • Chicken scissors grilled with plum flavor or Wasabi soy sauce950 yen
    • Grilled tomato with cheese800 yen
    • Stir-fried Bean Sprouts650 yen
    • Roasted vegetables1,600 yen
    • Special steak
    • Sumifuji steak(80g)2,300 yen

      Wagyu beef's red body is a strong part, but it is a dish that you can fully enjoy the original flavor of Wagyu beef with soft finish with its own recipe.

    • Wagyu beef sirloin(80g)3,600 yen

      The surface is grilled crispy, it is a dish that feels the sweetness of fine fat.

    • Meals
    • Garlic rice (with green onion)1,400 yen
    • Yakisoba1,500 yen
    • Dessert
    • Seasonal sherbet (with coffee or black tea)500 yen
    • Drinks
    • Beer, Sake, Organic Wine, Coffee
      We are preparing organic wine suitable for teppanyaki.


There is also a private room where you can enjoy Teppan-yaki cuisine
in front of your eyes, as well as private rooms available for important days and entertainment.
We will respond widely of course dishes according to your budget, so please feel free to contact us.



As a shop where you can enjoy delicious dishes
and liquors easily,
We aim to become a store that takes root
in the area.
You can enjoy pairing with delicious sake such
as Japanese food and teppanyaki dish devised
by shop owner who studied in restraunt of
Japanese food and Teppanyaki, as well as natural wine.

Store owner
Hiroki Sudo
Saki Sudo



Access · Reservation

Street address Sakuragaoka K Building 1st Floor ,
12-5 Sakuragaoka-town , Shibuya-district
Open in Google Maps
Phone number 03-6876-4612
※Please make sure that there is no mistake in phone number.
Closed every Tuesday
(in the case of a holiday, the day off)
Open Weekday (last order) Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays
※Please inquire availability of private rooms by telephone.